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eagleray7_33032 lives in Homestead, FL.
eagleray7_33032 has reduced27.4 tons of CO2
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I am an animal rights activist, with a super dedication to saving the Florida Panther. I am the owner/host of a group on called “Florida Panthers: Can We Save Them?”, and I fight to save Florida from over-development, oil-drilling, and to protect the Everglades. You can visit my group at, and my Care2 page at I absolutely detest all animal cruelty, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. I also fight for children’s rights, and I feel all human beings should get involved in this miserable world we live in and make it a better place, for ourselves and our future families. One of my fav activities is taking the zombies who still don’t believe in Global Warming and pushing the info into their puny brains, if you’ve got the facts they cannot dispute!
By the way, please visit and and keep up with the latest actions and news on our threatened world!

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