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Greendreamer lives in Atlanta, GA.
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I’m a recent graduate of Emory University and I’m now working at Emory with their awesome new Sustainability Initiatives (most LEED certified buildings in the country!). I was not an environmental studies major (rather History) but over the past year I’ve been sucked in by the Green world. I’ve always been a bit outdoorsy, love to camp, hike, canoe, swim, etc. More recently I’ve been trying to give back, canvassing door to door for local environment non-profits and helping to lead Emory’s transition to a green and sustainable campus. I strongly believe that Global Warming is the biggest crisis my generation (and the generations to come) face today and that we need to ACT NOW. Being green involves much more than just recycling or reducing your carbon-footprint, it really means a culture change and learning to live more sustainably. This task is a daunting one, but I fully believe that with a bit of hope and inspiration from websites like these we can do the job. Just Imagine : )

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