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Whiteshadow lives in Medway, MA and is a member of The Medway Green Team.
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I love Animals and nature! People like to label me as a ‘nature lover’ or ‘nature freak’ because I know so much. I don’t really mind that. Some of my friends think that I act like a girl scout (which I’m not) because I like to adventure in the wood in my back yard and neighborhood and I always Know all the nature tip and tricks on survival in the ‘wilderness’. My friends and I have found two lost dogs and returned them, rescued a dove, a three legged turtle that my mom found, and nursed a baby robin who fell out of its nest back to health and raised it until it was 4 months old. the robin was able to learn to fly and it flew away on the fifth month. We were sad that it left; but we were happy that it recovered! When I’m older I really want to be a Crime scene investigator or homicide detective because I love science and helping people and when you put them together… well csi!

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***PuppyLove*** over 5 years ago
You sound wicked cool! Congrats on the animal rescuing! You must be like an angel to them!