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Default_user_small_avatar 07/20/10 rallyer34415 accepted "Feel The Hov", reducing CO2 by 26 lbs.
Default_user_small_avatar 07/20/10 rallyer34415 accepted "Beverage Independence", reducing CO2 by 24 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 04/13/10 rallyer32651 accepted "Anvil Fashion Swap ", reducing CO2 by 29 lbs.
Default_user_small_avatar 04/13/10 rallyer32651 accepted "Cash-in Your Closet", reducing CO2 by 27 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 04/13/10 rallyer32651 accepted "Counter Intelligence", reducing CO2 by 5 lbs so far.

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957_winter_channelone Channel One News Led by Channel One News Going Green!

1,523 lbs
of CO2 Reduced
Join This Team!

We are Channel One News, the leading television news network for teens nationwide. Our mission is to inform, educate and inspire by making news relevant and engaging for young people and sparking discussion around the important issues impacting youth today.


  • Going Green

    Going Green

    Video features, quizzes, games and all things green. We’ve got a whole lot of simple ways to save your planet.

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  • Plan It Green

    Plan It Green

    In this addictive game, you’re the mayor, and it’s your responsibiity to make Greenville live up to its name.

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  • Carbon Calculator

    Carbon Calculator

    How eco-friendly are you? Let us know about your lifestyle and we’ll tell you what your carbon footprint looks like.

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destiny1156 over 6 years ago
are world needs help !!!! so help!!!!
peanut over 6 years ago
we should do more for our planet.
ustinj over 6 years ago
birdman (Carbonrally) over 6 years ago
Channel One News! Bring it on!!!