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26819_peacock CosmoLosco 7.36 tons
Default_user_small_avatar tv girl 4.28 tons
26311_yoda_biography_3 Celadon 2.89 tons
Default_user_small_avatar rallyer26906 1.81 tons
Default_user_small_avatar Deacon 1.61 tons

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27620_4 04/01/10 tv_mom accepted "De-cup Your Decaf", reducing CO2 by 1 lb so far.
27620_4 03/02/10 tv_mom accepted "Anvil Fashion Swap ", reducing CO2 by 29 lbs.
27620_4 01/29/10 tv_mom accepted "Give Your Computer a Rest", reducing CO2 by 51 lbs so far.
26403_mrt 07/01/09 greenerme accepted "Green Ham and Cheese", reducing CO2 by 44 lbs so far.
26403_mrt 07/01/09 greenerme accepted "Two Cool", reducing CO2 by 5 lbs so far.

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784_localmedianew NBC Local Media Led by NBC Local Media Leader Green's nonstop here

30.97 tons
of CO2 Reduced
Join This Team!

From coast to coast, Local Media is going green all this week with stories ranging from everyday green tips to a winery run by solar energy.

<img src=“”

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jassminelovespeace over 6 years ago
great job!
Administrator over 7 years ago
NBC Local Media is on the the Leaderboard on the Carbonrally Homepage. Great team!
Dave Crossen over 7 years ago
Team Local Media has won the Greenest User Challenge ... more news to come - CONGRATULATIONS!!
KaylaRosemary over 7 years ago
Great Job Team XD. Check out my page for some more challenge suggestions.
Ricwest over 7 years ago
KBinCT over 7 years ago
I'm also working on that new facility in Connecticut with MrGreen. In addition to all that, as we move out of the old facility, we are using reusable crates instead of cardboard boxes to reduce waste. We are recycling all the materials in the old building as part of demo instead of it all ending up in a landfill. We are going to use all environmentally friendly cleaning supplies in the new building too!
Administrator over 7 years ago
Hi Green Monster, You can take on three NEW challenges per week, and also repeat previously accepted challenges that have been completed. Thanks.
Green Monster over 7 years ago
How come you can only do 3 challenges per week? Does not make sense if we truly want to make a difference than there should be no limits...
MrGreen over 7 years ago
The new facility in Connecticut is the most green of all. Low heat studio lighting, High performance HVAC, Hugh amount of insulation, great open space and very small, and of course waterless urinal that save 80,000 gallons of water every year. On top of that it is even wired for solar panels. We recycle and eliminating bottled water and puting in filtered water systems. Cool and Green:)
Administrator over 7 years ago
Belden, awesome to see San Diego joining in. There is no drop-down menu for your location, but the aggregate impact of all team members participating in San Diego is shown in the map above. Rally on!
belden over 7 years ago
San Diego team signing up but no location in drop down box for us to be counted...but we are here :)
birdman (Carbonrally) over 7 years ago
This team is on fire today!
Ricwest over 7 years ago
Los Angeles Rules!
greenisuniversal over 7 years ago
Nice work, Local Media! Wonder which affiliate can earn bragging rights to the "greenest"? Looks like NY is leading the way...
CrazyGreenPerson over 7 years ago
Hey Guys! Rock on Green People!!