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Team Roster

22418_mariana_pickering_leed_ap dearmariana 829 lbs
Default_user_small_avatar juliana 524 lbs
Default_user_small_avatar lisa 498 lbs
Default_user_small_avatar jblue11539 259 lbs
27854_bungeeeee eduardo 202 lbs

Recent Activity

22418_mariana_pickering_leed_ap 07/31/12 dearmariana accepted "Give Your Computer a Rest", reducing CO2 by 51 lbs so far.
22418_mariana_pickering_leed_ap 07/31/12 dearmariana accepted "Super Challenge: Boast About Compost", reducing CO2 by 86 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 06/08/10 juliana accepted "Right Now, Less Cow", reducing CO2 by 13 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 05/25/10 juliana accepted "Super Challenge: Veg Out", reducing CO2 by 40 lbs so far.
22418_mariana_pickering_leed_ap 04/09/10 dearmariana accepted "Anvil Fashion Swap ", reducing CO2 by 29 lbs.

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727_emu3-180-90-20 Emu Architects Led by dearmariana measuring the carbon footprint of an emu

1.2 tons
of CO2 Reduced
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This is a place for Emu Architects to satisfy its competative needs in an environmental way. It also holds us accountable to what we preach. More information at We also have a blog at

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dearmariana over 6 years ago
Hey everyone - let's sign up for another round of challenges! I forgot that you can renew a challenge if the time frame has passed. Most of the challenges I've accepted have now become the permanent way of doing things around here. Juliana just signed up to turn her computer off every night... anyone else sign up for new ones?
eduardo over 7 years ago
thanks, actually im a architecture student focused on sustentability, i've just saw the emu site, exactly what i pretend to do heheheh
dearmariana over 7 years ago
Welcome Eduardo! I just posted about you on our blog.
eduardo over 7 years ago
hi!, im a brazilian student and want to get in the team! thanks
dearmariana over 7 years ago
Welcome new team members! Remember if you have any stories or photos you want to post about your challenges, we have full coverage at the emu blog (
juliana over 7 years ago
Mariana! I'm on your team now!!
dearmariana over 7 years ago
thank you! we're happy to be here! We blog about you all the time...
birdman (Carbonrally) over 7 years ago
The first team from Italy! Welcome to the Rally!!