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13467_dsc01665 ArtistAbel 23.51 tons
9816_sunflowers_051 Henryetta 18.56 tons
Default_user_small_avatar rallyer11179 17.39 tons
Default_user_small_avatar rallyer11219 15.83 tons
Default_user_small_avatar rallyer11177 11.15 tons

Recent Activity

Default_user_small_avatar 03/21/11 rallyer13373 accepted "Lonely Light Love", reducing CO2 by 8 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 12/02/10 rallyer12833 accepted "Right Now, Less Cow", reducing CO2 by 1 lb so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 10/01/10 rallyer13265 accepted "Green Ham and Cheese", reducing CO2 by 22 lbs so far.
9829_visualproof2 09/28/10 GridLock accepted "Green Ham and Cheese", reducing CO2 by 27 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 07/22/10 Ruth accepted "Right Now, Less Cow", reducing CO2 by 13 lbs so far.

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558_botg_small_white Be Orange Think Green Led by orangegoesgreen Syracuse University - Sustainability is within our Reach

217.56 tons
of CO2 Reduced
Join This Team!

In the fight to lower our carbon emissions on campus and in our own lives, Syracuse University invites everyone to join our team.

Discussion 35 comments so far

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agensbobet over 1 year ago
Illusionist over 4 years ago
Why ya guys lettin ND beat ya
rallyer47987 over 5 years ago
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penngeorge over 5 years ago
i’m in. i have been riding my bike all i can, well b/c i am working on my car. thanks for starting a local team!<a href="">Jenn Air Gas Grills</a>
rallyer46196 over 5 years ago
This is great team!
KaylaRosemary over 7 years ago
Great Job Team XD. Check out my page for some more challenge suggestions.
GreenYodaGirl77 almost 8 years ago
you guys are WAY better than fighting irish!!!
purplefuzz22 almost 8 years ago
Congrats! Keep it up!
orangegoesgreen almost 8 years ago
Hey Everyone, Big Congratulations are in order. It is amazing that in one month our team reduced 40 tons of CO2. We may have lost the battle with ND, but, we are all winners for eliminating all that CO2. Let’s not stop now. Keep taking challenges and continue to reduce carbon emission from our lives. Go Team
birdman (Carbonrally) almost 8 years ago
Well, I guess it's too much to expect that one team would dominate in both football AND Carbonrally. Congrats and thanks to Syracuse. Along with Notre Dame, you've knocked-out over 85 tons of CO2 in the past few weeks. You guys are also rallying other schools to follow your lead... we've heard from a few that plan to start competing soon, so watch out!
rallyer1853 almost 8 years ago
Come on Cuse!! we almost got this!!
Henryetta almost 8 years ago
Ok Group we have until 11/30 to finish beating Notre Dame. The football team did it now let us finish them....SUtainable way... We need 400 new members to catch up and then more to finsh this comp.... lets invite everyone...come on Green Team....We can do this
squeegy almost 8 years ago
We came back to beat ND in football, so let's show them we can also do it where it counts globally, the CarbonRally!
Henryetta almost 8 years ago
Hey everyone we are getting closer to beating ND. We are only behind by a couple hundered....sounds bad but we can beat them if we invite our friends....lets go orange....always Be Orange Think Green
birdman (Carbonrally) almost 8 years ago
Reducing CO2 through actions is what the Rally is all about. But don't forget that the NBC prize goes to largest team at the end of the month. The match was set-up that way so people feel free to do whatever challenges they want, not just the ones with the highest CO2 values. Rally on!
birdman (Carbonrally) almost 8 years ago
Just saw a "TV news": segment on SU's Carbonrally Team!!
Vickster almost 8 years ago
ArtistAbel almost 8 years ago
you can recycle your phone 3x guys so do it and get those lbs. up there!!!
SUgreen-orange<3 almost 8 years ago
Come on guys! We all <3 SU, so let's help!!!!! Be green, it's not 2 hard! BTW, GO SU, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!
Vickster almost 8 years ago
Ok! I'm seeing a lot of people with 0 lbs. Put on some weight! Click on the "Challenges" tab above and go ahead and pick three challenges! Come on guys! Lets go!
cusekp almost 8 years ago
Being Green is GRRRRReat!!!
ericrall almost 8 years ago
We're winning!
Henryetta almost 8 years ago
Keep going team...Lets show ND we have the stronger Team when it comes to going Green......Go Orange....
greenthescene almost 8 years ago
greenguilt almost 8 years ago
Hey everyone, I am actually writing an article about innovative approaches to tackling global warming for the Carnegie Council. I am an SU alum (2007) and would love feature Orange voices! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their experience on how the NBC/Carbonrally challenge has changed your energy habits. If you are please, please email me
For the Loons almost 8 years ago
Team Orange Think Green in kicking butt in the race to reduce carbon, way to go SU Fans…. Don’t forget to invite all your friends to join lets have more members than team ND and show them who can rally the most team spirit.....
FRIAS85 almost 8 years ago
Let's go SU!!!
RachelRachel almost 8 years ago
Bring it Syracuse!
Zackattack almost 8 years ago
welcome to carbon rally good luck reducing carbon see yah l8er
rallyer10848 almost 8 years ago
Save Juice in the 'Cuse!!!!
rallyer10069 almost 8 years ago
back and forth, back and forth...go orange
achapeau almost 8 years ago
Orangemen and Orange Women, As an alum (who happens to be in grad school at ND), I say we need to kick their ass!
orangegoesgreen almost 8 years ago
It is great to see so many committed SU and community members taking the Carbon Rally Challenge. Keep up the good work. Remember the more the merrier, take a minute and invite friends and family to join the carbon rally. Lets show the Fighting Irish whose team has the more SUstainable fans....Go SU....
gemelend almost 8 years ago
Together I think we can make a huge difference! Go SU!