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Team Roster

2907_image083 Brittany 31.6 tons
Default_user_small_avatar Jared 23.7 tons
Default_user_small_avatar crewhill 23.6 tons
Default_user_small_avatar IrishFan071273 21.77 tons
Default_user_small_avatar lhough1 20.37 tons

Recent Activity

Default_user_small_avatar 12/08/15 ecoboost accepted "Right Now, Less Cow", reducing CO2 by 13 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 12/08/15 ecoboost accepted "Green Ham and Cheese", reducing CO2 by 44 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 12/08/15 ecoboost accepted "Lonely Light Love", reducing CO2 by 8 lbs so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 01/19/15 Trek1500 accepted "Cold Then Fold", reducing CO2 by 1 lb so far.
Default_user_small_avatar 01/19/15 Trek1500 accepted "Lonely Light Love", reducing CO2 by 1 lb so far.

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557_gold-helmet-450x325 Fighting Irish Led by ND Office of Sustainability Go Irish. Beat Syracuse

364.13 tons
of CO2 Reduced
Join This Team!

We Are ND.

We are the members of Notre Dame nation taking up the NBC Sports Green Week Challenge and taking on Syracuse University in a competition for who can sign up the most carbonrally members. Track our efforts during the November 22nd, 2008 broadcast of the Notre Dame/Syracuse college football game.
Track our progress here .
For more information on how Notre Dame is going green and how you can be involved go to .

Discussion 76 comments so far

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rallyer67098 almost 4 years ago
You most definitely have made this blog into something that's eye opening and important -
krmbal about 4 years ago
Hey fellow domers, I've recently launched an indie tshirt brand that's dedicated to being as green as possible and am also posting weekly green challenges from CarbonRally. Check out my site at and the twitter account here: - So glad to see the Irish representing well on the teams page! #WeAreND Tessa '03
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rallyer62609 over 4 years ago
Awesome team!
rallyer61745 over 4 years ago
i cant wait to start
rallyer61744 over 4 years ago
Great job new members:)
Illusionist over 4 years ago
Is this for the Notre Dame college???
rallyer61417 over 4 years ago
Is this the most awesome group! YES!
rallyer59631 almost 5 years ago
good job guys! keep it up!
rallyer59210 almost 5 years ago
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rallyer59046 almost 5 years ago
I totally invited a friend
sam almost 5 years ago
Your post is highly informative. I appreciate your efforts.
rallyer58658 almost 5 years ago
Hey every1 go green! Peace!
rallyer57969 about 5 years ago
Like it!
rallyer57727 about 5 years ago
Bring it on
rallyer57003 about 5 years ago
Awesome team!
rallyer54371 about 5 years ago
Keep up the good work.
rallyer54097 about 5 years ago
This is great team!
rallyer52092 over 5 years ago
Largest reducing group.
Nataliasmith over 5 years ago
I hope to become the same as well as do just like you have pointed out in your post.This artical appears very good...all of us used to abide by it.......
HarryRoy over 5 years ago
ho you guys are good- pu'ulu koa
rallyer50302 over 5 years ago
This team rocks!
rallyer50226 over 5 years ago
Keep up the good work.
rallyer48837 over 5 years ago
Excellent team!
rallyer48626 over 5 years ago
Great team.
rallyer46196 over 5 years ago
Best team ever!
rallyer45169 over 5 years ago
The very best team.
rallyer44579 over 5 years ago
Very good team.
rallyer43052 almost 6 years ago
Largest reducing group.
rallyer42783 almost 6 years ago
Best group.
alexis cook over 6 years ago
dont keep going guys new praire is just gonna win i know it just give up
Administrator about 7 years ago
Hi Everybody! Now you can connect your Carbonrally account to Facebook. Please check it out. More info is in this "blog post": thanks!
guesswhoskc over 7 years ago
WOAH this is so cool guys you have saved TONS keep going =] Cl=] <dude with a bowler hat!! pass it on
KaylaRosemary over 7 years ago
Great Job Team XD. Check out my page for some more challenge suggestions.
KAMAKAZI_NINJA over 7 years ago
ho you guys are good- pu'ulu koa
Hungry_Ninja over 7 years ago
I say what purplefuzz22 said.
purplefuzz22 almost 8 years ago
Good job from team Super Mario Bros!
DOG LOVER 7 almost 8 years ago
you guys are great!!! good job...from Pu'ulu Koa....
CZ almost 8 years ago
Great job from Pu‘ulu Koa
hawaiian_baby almost 8 years ago
hey fighting irish! i am frm the Pu‘ulu Koa team...Honolulu,HI good job!
ND Office of Sustainability almost 8 years ago
Team, Help us decide how to spend our $10,000 prize. For more information & to submit a proposal:
birdman (Carbonrally) almost 8 years ago
The largest team in Carbonrally history! Notre Dame really got the word out.. with players joining you from 47 states. Thanks to you, Syracuse and NBC for taking action. Together you've already reduced CO2 emissions by about 85 tons. Any talk about how you'll spend the prize money?
Kathryn almost 8 years ago
Congratulations look like they are in order for my alma mater! How cool! And this is also speaking as a competing team leader who had been number one for many months. You guys blew us out of the the water!
Lourdes almost 8 years ago
Almost there, ND. Competition ends tonight at midnight. Let's finish strong.
mailacoleman almost 8 years ago
We were BORN GREEN !!!
Green2damax almost 8 years ago
I AM A DIE HARD NOTRE DAME FAN! :) Although I am very sad for the football team this year! Anyways, go ND! SAVE THE EARTH
monkeyface almost 8 years ago
I love ND - and the environment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rallyer11018 almost 8 years ago
johnnyirish almost 8 years ago
Let's blow them out Charlie---don't let up
Jan almost 8 years ago
Go Irish!
Jim M almost 8 years ago
Congratulations...we have officially taken over as the overall #1 team in Carbon Rally. This competition runs through the end of November, so keep your foot on the accelerator and pass this information on to your friends/family over the Thanksgiving break!
greenguilt almost 8 years ago
Hey everyone! My name is Louisa and I writing an article about innovative approaches to tackling global warming for the Carnegie Council and how students are rising to that challenge. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their experience on how the NBC/Carbonrally challenge has changed your energy habits. I plan on interviewing students from both your school as well as Syracuse. If you are interested in being interviewed please, please email me so we can setup a time to chat through the phone or aim. Thanks so much hope to hear from some of you!
SusanB almost 8 years ago
What could be better than Irish Green? Let's GO IRISH!
dreamcach almost 8 years ago
beat orange
Lourdes almost 8 years ago
Now it's time to check out the challenges. Lots of good ideas about small action you can take everyday.
TIMMMMMYYY!!!! almost 8 years ago
Wat up
vhalloran almost 8 years ago
I have tickets for the game and I'm not losing this...
Jess almost 8 years ago
rachelrachel totally invited me
RachelRachel almost 8 years ago
I totally invited a friend
Rory almost 8 years ago
Keep it up Irish Faithful! Don't forget to accept challenges to keep us on top of the Carbonrally leaderboard!
Collin almost 8 years ago
thingtwo almost 8 years ago
beat orange!
thingone almost 8 years ago
thingtwo almost 8 years ago
go irish!
thingone almost 8 years ago
Hunter almost 8 years ago
Bring it on
jkindt almost 8 years ago
I'm on board. Let's show Syracuse how we play.
Lourdes almost 8 years ago
Hey Team! I encourage you to take on the challenges with the MOST carbon reduction impact. Lourdes