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3877_phone%20pics2%20075 06/08/10 moganhannah accepted "Beverage Independence", reducing CO2 by 24 lbs so far.
3877_phone%20pics2%20075 06/08/10 moganhannah accepted "Right Now, Less Cow", reducing CO2 by 13 lbs so far.
6190_fjh 05/21/10 lauren accepted "Sheets to the Wind", reducing CO2 by 18 lbs so far.
6190_fjh 05/21/10 lauren accepted "Give Your Computer a Rest", reducing CO2 by 51 lbs so far.
6190_fjh 05/21/10 lauren accepted "Right Now, Less Cow", reducing CO2 by 13 lbs so far.

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265_twilight_book_cover Team Twilight Led by Wait, what? Go green; we wanna read outside!

26.92 tons
of CO2 Reduced
Join This Team!

A group where Twilighters from all over the world can get together and contribute to cleaning the air.

Dedicated to novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.


Discussion 36 comments so far

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sneakers9394 over 7 years ago
wow i love twilight but then a bunch of ppl at my school started likin it after the movie came out n they new nothing about it, i was like you have noclue what u r talking about. its crazy!! (btw i would join ur team but im already on seventeen like everyone else
peace_love_music over 7 years ago
aw man i LOVE twilight like you would not believe, but im already on Seventeen's team. darnn. but seriously, i LOVE twilight.
tinkgirl over 7 years ago
The movie was painfully awkward!
Watershed'er_2011 over 7 years ago
I would join your team but I am already on the Seventeen team. Sorry. I looove Twilight though! I went and bought the movie when it came out at 12:01 am Saturday morning. It was crazy!! The baseball scene and the end are the best!!I love the baseball scene music and action!!!! Love the Cullen family!!!
iHearMyECHO over 7 years ago
how DARE you say Edward is ugly!! He is not!!
bball_chica over 7 years ago
Twilight is like the most amazing movie ever! I love the books too. But, I am alreaady on theee Seventeen Magazine team. SORRY!
ImReady2BeGreen over 7 years ago
I love twilight..... but I am on the seventeen team. I hope your team continues to grow. Keep going strong!!!
tinkgirl over 7 years ago
Edward is ugly!
iHearMyECHO over 7 years ago
iHearMyECHO over 7 years ago
cmilklover is crazy!
CMilklover23 over 7 years ago
twilights da bom!!!
iHearMyECHO over 7 years ago
New Moon was a sad book. But I let out a sigh when Edward finally returned at the end of the book.
iHearMyECHO over 7 years ago
Twilight is awesome, Edward is gorgeous. ;D
SAVEourEARTH over 7 years ago
I went to see the movie about a week ago and I loved it! Edward is so hot but hes a little creepy looking in the movie.
TIMMMMMYYY!!!! over 7 years ago
twilight is weird
The_Lost_Ninja over 7 years ago
i love twilight.........
GreenGirl28 almost 8 years ago
Twilight Rox!
selenagreen almost 8 years ago
i love the twilight series!!!
SAVEourEARTH almost 8 years ago
I absolutely LOVE Twilight. My friend told me to read it and they are the best books ever!!! I just finished Eclipse a few days ago, and I haven't started Breaking Dawn yet, but I will soon
CAMMIA!! almost 8 years ago
wow, i think i might join this team.
CAMMIA!! almost 8 years ago
i just LOVE twilight/the twilight series. this is pretty much the team for me!!
Earth Daughter almost 8 years ago
Hey! I'm not on your team :( but I LOVE the twilight books and just wanted to let you know that you picked an awesome team name!
lizzi<3 about 8 years ago
:] i wanted to help save earth. and this is perfect. i love twilight! im going to the midnight party to get breaking dawn on august second!!!:] and reducing carbon is important too! and btw,who cares if your a boy reading twilight? if stephenie meyer only wanted girls to read it she would have said that in the book
lauren about 8 years ago
ahh wow a twlight carbon team really cool so whose buying midnight tickets for dec 12th i am sa txx. && if u luv it so much go to && check out twlight tuesdays. i luv the books but idn about the movie im sooo ready to scream a t the movie screen ahaha.
Wait, what? about 8 years ago
It has absolutley nothing that I know of to do with Twilight. But I just made this group for people who enjoyed Twilight to like, do challenges to reduce carbon. Together.
gwynnes about 8 years ago
OK. Now I HAVE to read Twilight. Noticed a lot of you live in 75060 - my zip, too. Sometimes I feel like one of the only people in S. Irving interested in the environment. Nice to know I'm not alone!
AlLiSoN about 8 years ago
ha! i love that book. but what does twilight have to do with reducing carbon, really? no offense intended.
KK about 8 years ago
Twilight is 1 of the best books ever(along with New Moon and Eclipse) cant wait 4 Breaking Dawn, im going to the release party at Joeseph Beth. and i did enjoy my shock(a guy reading Twilight W-O-W ur a brave dude...:D
twilight<3 about 8 years ago
I love twilight! I'm made of awesome's twin sister.
made of awesome about 8 years ago
I'm a friend of Wait, what?. There's like, 4 other people at her house and she's making us all join. But we love her and we love Twilight! Stephenie Meyer is my (insert cliche noun here). Time for my Twin sister to join.
stupidity about 8 years ago
I'm A, enw75060's sister. I'm in love with Twilight! It has literally changed my life.
enw75060 about 8 years ago
Twilight is amazing. Wait, what? is my best friend and she made me read it. Yeah, I'm a guy. Enjoy your shock.
13lovenow about 8 years ago
I <3 twilight!!!
basketcasepunk20_63114 about 8 years ago
Twilight is a book, and now a movie series.
Administrator about 8 years ago
What is Twilight?
basketcasepunk20_63114 about 8 years ago
Twilight is the best series ever. I am for sure staying in this group. :) I'd be glad to help any other Twilighter's. =]