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Notre Dame and Syracuse Battle for Green in the NBC Rally!

Our friends at NBC Universal threw down $10,000 to the rival who could build the largest Carbonrally team by December 1. After a HUGE turnout from both sides, Notre Dame’s team took first place with 1,935 members. They’ll receive $10K from NBC to support campus eco initiatives.

The actions of both Notre Dame and Syracuse are having a big impact. As of December 1, they eliminated a combined 85 tons of CO2. They are also inspiring other Universities across the country to get in the game. Hats off to both teams, and to the Rally sponsor NBC!

These teams are still going strong. Are you a student, alum, or fan? Click on a helmet below to meet the members, post and read comments, or join the team.



This cool campus Rally was part of NBC’s larger effort to encourage folks to Green Your Routine during their semi-annual Green Week November 16 – 23. Thanks NBC for this great idea, and for pumping-up the Rally!