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6_bu3 Boston University League Commissioner: Lisa T. It's what you do.

Join the Boston University league

Choose a team to join

  • 1 BU College of Arts and Sciences
  • 2 BU College of Health and Rehabilitation
  • 3 BU School of Theology
  • 4 BU Staff and Administration
  • 5 BU College of Fine Arts
  • 6 BU College of Engineering
  • 7 BU School of Social Work
  • 8 BU College of Communication
  • 9 BU School of Medicine
  • 10 BU School of Public Health
  • 11 BU School of Law
  • 12 BU School of Management
  • 13 BU School of Education
  • 14 BU College of General Studies
  • 15 BU Academy
  • 16 BU Metropolitan College
  • 17 BU School of Hospitality Administration
  • 18 BU CELOP
  • 19 BU Student Life
  • 20 BU Goldman School of Dental Medicine
  • 21 BU University Professors Program

Bring unwanted clothing and housewares to your ResLife office or the Goodwill store on Comm Ave.

Cash-in Your Closet

Give a decent item of clothing a new life. Find something you rarely wear, and sell or donate it. We'll show you how.

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