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  • Administrator Administrator about 7 years ago Get a Rally going in your company! Please contact us about creating a Custom League & Leaderboard for all of your company teams. admin@carbonrally.com
  • dasolar dasolar over 7 years ago What a great thing. I'm putting together a team and we'll work our way up the leader board advocating the use of <a href="http://www.dasolar.com">solar panels</a>. Check back in a few months to see our progress. Cheers.
  • rallyer20100 rallyer20100 (Earthnex.com) over 7 years ago Hey guys..I am part of a great online green community. Lots of things to share (ideas, experiences, tips). So I figured I would let you know about this website www.groupnex.com
  • birdman (Carbonrally) birdman (Carbonrally) (wolfpack) almost 8 years ago Matt, thanks for your great "blog article":http://blog.carbonrally.com/2009/1/20/matthew-gilbride . And thanks to the entire FHA Green Team for leading the Rally and inspiring all of us to do more!

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  • birdman (Carbonrally) birdman (Carbonrally) (wolfpack) about 7 years ago Sierra Club's new rankings of 135 greenest colleges: http://tinyurl.com/kj37fj
  • birdman (Carbonrally) birdman (Carbonrally) (wolfpack) almost 8 years ago Okay so Notre Dame takes the Rally, and Syracuse the football this year. Together these two massive teams have eliminated about 85 tons of CO2 so far. Thanks NBC, ND and 'Cuse for raising the bar in a BIG way. I'm sure you'll inspire other schools to get in the game... and battle for the tops spots!
  • greenguilt greenguilt (Be Orange Think Green ) almost 8 years ago Hi Rallyers! My name is Louisa and I writing an article about innovative approaches to tackling global warming for the Carnegie Council. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their experience on Carbonrally challenge has changed your energy habits energy consumption awareness. If you are interested in taking a few minutes to share your experience please email me LKChan@syr.edu so we can setup a time to chat through the phone or aim. Thanks so much!
  • birdman (Carbonrally) birdman (Carbonrally) (wolfpack) almost 8 years ago Syracuse and Notre Dame are going head-to-head for $10,000! Check out the details "here":http://blog.carbonrally.com/2008/11/6/nd-syracuse

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