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Feel The Hov Featured on Apr 17, 2010


Share a ride to work or school one time this week, and keep a car off the road.

Individual Result

By carpooling just one day, you will reduce your carbon emissions by 26 lbs and save $5 or more.

Rally Impact

7802 people have reduced CO2 emissions by 101.43 tons by completing this challenge so far. That's equal to turning off the electricity of 136 homes for about 1 month!

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Challenge Details

When you think about it, it’s a good thing to have another person in the car with you during your commute. What if you get passed by a Smart Car packed with circus clowns? What if you see Isla Fisher hitchhiking on the side of the road accompanied by a chimp in rhinestone sunglasses? Or what if you know the answer to the morning radio trivia challenge is Poison, even though your friends at school think you know next to nothing about 1980s hair bands? Sometimes it’s just good to have a witness. What you need is a carpool.

This Featured Challenge is based on suggestions made in our Challenge Workshop by Shae, bumble bee!, The Carbon Clique, and MargaritaAlejandraBusquenegro.

The Carbon Connection
Why carpool? Well, it all starts with the environmental and monetary costs of transportation. Close to 30% of the greenhouse gases released in the United States come from transportation. Each gallon of gasoline burned in an average car’s engine blows 19.4 pounds of CO2 out the exhaust and directly into Earth’s atmosphere. With a gas tank size of 15 to 18 gallons, that’s 350 pounds of CO2 you’ve releasing every time your fuel gauge hits Empty. The less gasoline we burn, the better it is for our atmosphere.

Driving also costs money. Nationally, the average daily commute to work or school is 16 miles each way, or 32 miles per day total. At current national average gasoline prices, each day you don’t drive saves you from burning about 1.3 gallons of gas, which is a savings of $3.34 each day, not including tolls, parking, and so on. When gas prices go up again — and they will — that number will quickly double.

Getting It Done
In this decade, car ownership is up and vehicle occupancy is down. People are making more trips in their cars and commuting farther. Carpooling and the number of people who walk instead of driving has dropped by half since 1980. According to a 2005 ABC News poll, only 8 percent of commuters currently car pool.

According the same ABC News study, 20 percent of drivers who commute alone in their cars each day say they’re interested in the idea of carpooling. That’s promising, but how do we convince those people to take the pool plunge? How do we convince you? Here are a few simple suggestions to make this Challenge work:

  • We know the usual hesitations about carpooling. Having your own car gives you the freedom to set your own schedule, to arrive and leave when you want, etc. But you should seriously think about how it may be worth it to make ride sharing work for you. People just like you carpool every day. Besides, if you are in a carpool, you’ll have to keep to a schedule and that can be a good thing for your work/life balance.
  • Of course, the biggest hurdle people face in starting a carpool is finding the right people with whom to share a ride. Ideally, you would already know someone who lives near you who also works near where you work. If you can’t find an obvious roadmate, there are many online services that can match you with suitable people. For starters, try iCarpool, eRideshare, DivideTheRide, or GoLoco. For more ideas, check out this list of local and national rideshare matching services.
  • Exercise a little healthy paranoia, particularly if you’re setting up a carpool with strangers. (Hey, it’s a blind date at 60 miles per hour.) Talk to the person more than once. Meet in person and get a gut feeling for the person. You might want to find a way, perhaps informally, to make sure the other person has a drivers license, adequate car insurance, and a car you’re willing to get into.
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss the “rules of the pool” up front. Like any relationship, good communication is crucial to making it work. Let the other person know if you have any specific preferences for the drive. Be willing to compromise on the little things (occasional humming) so that the other person hears you about the bigger things (like habitual lateness).
  • Be creative with the arrangements. For instance, you can switch off on driving duties by day, week, or month. Your carpool might even include someone who doesn’t have a car and never drives. He could help pay for gas, tolls, or parking fees for the other drivers.
  • Think about ways to make carpooling fun. No, seriously. Have rotating DJ or coffee duties. Have the passenger read a newspaper article-of-the-day. Mix up the route and the routine. Trash talk each other’s sports teams.
  • How’s your stress? For most drivers, commuting is not the most relaxing part of the day. But if you have to commute to work or school, being a passenger is a lot less stressful than driving. If you carpool, you aren’t the one driving every day. On the days you aren’t driving, try to relax a little. Read a newspaper, magazine, or book. Study for that History test. Close your eyes and zone out. There’s no carpool requirement to talk for the entire drive. And you know what? You being relaxed will reduce the driver’s stress as well.
  • Remember that having extra people in the car entitles you to drive in the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on highways around major cities. The HOV lanes were created to encourage use of mass transit and car pooling by offering time-savings to bus riders and carpoolers like you.
  • Finally, consider using Carbonrally to maximize your carbon impact. See if folks at your office or school have interest in a carpool competition using Carbonrally’s Challenges and team features.

Are you already carpooling? How did you get over your hesitations? Have you found ways to make it easier or even fun? How do you make it work when you are trying to coordinate everyone’s different schedules and needs? Please share your thoughts, stories, and suggestions with fellow Rallyers in the forum section below.

Rules of the Challenge
This Challenge asks you to share a ride for one day. By sharing a ride with at least one other person, you are taking one car off the road for one day’s commute, saving an estimated 26 lbs of CO2. This Challenge is repeatable, and can be accepted once every 48 hours.

Note to our veteran Rallyers: This Challenge partly replaces one of our earliest Challenges, “Leave Your Car At Home.” We’ve decided to “tune up” our commuting Challenges for 2009. Since the launch of Carbonrally, we’ve found that folks lose focus when a Challenge is too general. “Leave Your Car At Home” was very general. So, we’ve taken down the more general Challenge and are making the commuting Challenges more specific. We hope this makes the actions more concrete and specific for you. We also hope this will better focus the conversation and give folks a chance to share insights about specific green ways to travel. Stay tuned for additional commuting Challenges, which will include such carbon savers as telecommuting, biking to work, and so on.

Learn More
Car Pool Basics: Mid-America Regional Council Rideshare Program
How Can a Gallon of Gasoline Produce 20 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide?

See the Math
Let’s start with the known or estimated numbers:

  • If you and another commuter share a ride today, one of you is not driving his car. We are going to give you credit for the carbon savings realized by keeping one car off the road for one day of average commuting.
  • According to a 2005 ABC News poll, the average daily commute is 16 miles each way to school or work. That’s 32 commuting miles driven each day.  source
  • The average American car used in commuting to work or school gets 23.9 miles per gallon of gasoline.  source
  • Each gallon of gasoline burned by an automobile engine leads to the release of 19.4 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.  source

Now put all that together to get the following equation:


Ride sharing can also save you money. According to the latest AAA estimates for the cost of car ownership 2008, the average cost of owning, operating, maintaining, and driving a car comes out to 71 cents per mile for an average car driving an average of 10,000 miles per year. Much of that cost is from burning gasoline, so driving less means less costly trips to the pump. But you should realize that carpooling saves you money in other ways. Driving less cuts down on tire wear and other car maintenance. All together, getting in the habit of carpooling even one day per week can save you as much as $1000 each year, even with the current lower gas prices.

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planetorange about 4 years ago
I ride the train everyday so I am all about this challenge
Immersion_Laura over 6 years ago
I carpool with my two friends to orchestra rehearsal. One of them pays for her share of gas money with home-cooked Greek food -- it's a great deal!
travelgirl over 6 years ago
When you ride with someone you share conversaton, the carpool lane and Starbucks!!
drmack over 6 years ago
Two friends rode with me the 20 miles (one way) to a class where we learned about Carbonrally. We saved CO2, and will spread the word to our students!
kpizzle over 6 years ago
My car is the one in the middle.. You know, the Tonka Truck Powerwheel. I don't own a car, walking and biking is fun.
greengirl97 over 6 years ago
Does taking the bus count?
delysiddaniels over 6 years ago
My girlfriend and I upped this one, and decided to ride our bikes together anywhere within 5 miles, until my crank fell off! Now we are carpooling
APESMOON over 6 years ago
My husband and I work at the same building. So we switched our hours to match so we can ride to work together keeping 1 car at home.
bgreener6 over 6 years ago
me and a good friend of mine go to the same college, so every morning, we carpool. Not only are we saving the planet, we always have fun 7 in the morning lol over 6 years ago
This one is an easy challenge for me seeing as I dont have a car. So I always plan a good driving route if we are going to variuse places so we do everything in one day and in the least driving amount. Or I use my trusty legs to walk places.
Mr.K.K. over 6 years ago
just riding the bus counts
AndreAB_812 over 6 years ago
OMG! I carpool every Friday so this is PERFECT!
hms246 over 6 years ago
this is a really easy challenge for me i walk to school EVERY DAY! this will be a snap :D
Nika over 6 years ago
This will be one of the best challenges for someone like me. I work 1hr 15m away from home and there are only 2 other soldiers that are in my area. We can share a ride together for once and make a difference, save some gas, and reduce some carbon. Maybe this will become one of our habits!
kayleighhoulker almost 7 years ago
I share a ride to and from school w/ my friend will
ssfs1996 about 7 years ago
i carpool everyday with my neighbor... this is a pic from one of our first days of school. we've been doing this for 3 years now!!! (:
Reign4693 about 7 years ago
Well, since the university I attend is right down the main road, I usually just catch the bus (since it is cheaper than gas)...although when winter rolls around, I'll definitely be catching a ride :-} This person in the pic is SO not gonna be me, lol
.britttany. about 7 years ago
this is a great idea. i already ride the bus to school. and i drive with my friends home. :] its a great way to spend more time with people and to help take down your carbon footprint. :]
TheAutoMoto over 7 years ago
AGREED! Carpooling is a great way to cut down your carbon footprint. Taking advantage of the new clunker law by getting yourself into a more fuel efficient vehicle may also be a great way to achieve this challenge!
scarletrox17 over 7 years ago
i always take the bus to school it's no biggie i dont know why more people don't do it
lexii.rawr over 7 years ago
I take the bus to school every day and when I go to events or parties I am always either carpooling with someone or someone is carpooling WITH me (:
i<3theearth over 7 years ago
I already carpool with my 2 bffs (once it was 3 ppl) to gymnastics on mondays every week, and have been for about 2 years! also we sometimes carpool on thurs too, but it is only one person. i carpool to the pool with one of my other friends during the summer too!
Ms. Bikes-a-bunch over 7 years ago
I carpool to school and when the weather is nice I ride my bike everywhere I can.
kavalier over 7 years ago
i ride the bus to and from school everyday. except today i walked in town after school, but carpooled home :)
Savana over 7 years ago
I started taking the bus to and from school with friends. Works out great! I get to save energy, and get some extra time with my friends in the morning!
padib over 7 years ago
i carpool with a coworker everyday
Madi07 over 7 years ago
I must admit , in October i got my licencse and well, let's just say-- You get LAZY when you get a license, LOL!I used to walk everywhere! I'm guilty of asking my mom for the car in the winter--- but hey, i am in manitoba it gets cold,but now that it's warming up I'm walking all over town again! and besides my school is only a 5-10 minute walk from the house, it's not difficult! LOL!
Kaylanicole1234 over 7 years ago
I take my friend everyday to school and so does my sister!
tobyspinks over 7 years ago
subway everyday for me!
tracivan over 7 years ago
I carpool almost every day to work - maybe we should hop on the bus too!!
swimm14 over 7 years ago
easy peasy i take the bus 2 school and carpool on the way home!yay
Fahringer over 7 years ago
Looks like the bicycle will finally make the trip to work-- well, again. (now that I am officically almost crutch free)
Annaliza over 7 years ago
I take the train to work every day, and I drive a Prius on the days I drive in.
cameroner89 over 7 years ago
yay public transportation
melonee over 7 years ago
even though people dont like the bus, it really does cut back on the amount of drivers onthe road, thats less carbon dioxide fuems in the air. if it's sunny and you live close enough WALK! And if it's too far or cold RIDE THE BUS!!!
scoffy over 7 years ago
too easy! I carpool to school everyday
snoopy2722 over 7 years ago
My friend and I carpool almost everyday to and from school, it's a great way to help our planet!
pinkberry over 7 years ago
I ride the school bus to school because it stops only a few blocks from my house and is a free way to get to school everyday!
mystiana over 7 years ago
My friends and I always have one parents drive us somewhere, like to the mall or the movies. It's such a simple way to save our planet!
itsxcourtneyxoxo over 7 years ago
my like best guy friend's mom is obsessed with carpooling so we're always riding with each other everywhere this one is pretty easy for me to do
idbejealoustoo over 7 years ago
I carpool with a guy friend that lives close to me, from and to school :) We even go to dances, events, and other stuff together. People though we were fraternal twins... It's so much fun talking to someone in the car, rather than just sitting there and looking out the window blankly. And it helps the environment! Double yays! :)
sportsstar1 over 7 years ago
I walk to school to and from school everyday except for when its raining, then I will have my cousin give me a ride. I will also rollerblade around town or walk.
Claire94 over 7 years ago
i carpool to school almost every day
greenbrenn45 over 7 years ago
I walk to school every morning and usually after school as well. So does the rest of my family, so it's more like taking 5 cars off of the road!
dallas over 7 years ago
yea piece of cake
jasonmrazfanluv over 7 years ago
I walk to school everday, so this is nothing! Me and my brother walk together!
ahunnycut over 7 years ago
i get carpooled all the time its nothing new to me
treehugger13 over 7 years ago
Even though I drive, I also drive my sister and another student to school every day. If you're hesitant about a carpool because of the extra gas money it might cost you, you can establish a small fee with your carpool for your services.
beccaboo over 7 years ago
whenever there is a function at the school, I try to catch a ride with a friend as much as possible. It saves money, the environment, and I have a fun time with my friends!
go_green_295 over 7 years ago
i walk to school and back home every single day. my house isnt that far from the school, so im okay with that. but now i have a friend to walk with because she has to walk too.
dmmoore over 7 years ago
I'm currently in a Carpool through the Pace website with a person who works at a neighboring company. We swtich off weeks.
wahgirl96 over 7 years ago
would that count if u ride the bus?
nniikkkkii over 7 years ago
i ride the bus haha :)
zombee over 7 years ago
i already do this... me and a couple of my friends all work at the mall.
pandaluvu over 7 years ago
haha, i ride the bus!
twilightfan#1 over 7 years ago
well i ride the bus to school but anywhere else ill try
Alexis over 7 years ago
I have been riding the bus, but sometimes I ride in the car if it rains or something like that.
Beeutyfull over 7 years ago
I carpool with my sis 2 skool instead of takin my car 2.
Bubble Butt over 7 years ago
I have to ride a bus everyday!!! Ever since I was in kindergarten, I have rode the friggin bus. But I guess that it's helping the planet??
wcscsoccer10 over 7 years ago
I carpool with my neighbors to school EVERY day. They're kinda annoying, but whatever. A, I don't have a choice, and B, it's better for the earth than driving 3 separate cars.
musicalsoapy over 7 years ago
I live in the country in Pennsylvania and we always took the school bus to school. Even though my sister has her lisence now, we still take the bus because it conserves gas and helps the environment by having one less car traveling the 15 miles to school and 15 miles back.
cieli14 over 7 years ago
me and my friend take the city bus to our crew practice, then carpool going home- also we walk to and from school :)
L0opz over 7 years ago
Today my teacher carpool 4 students. We had a competition about journalism so we had to go to a school. She picked us up and drop us off after.
darylcrouse over 7 years ago
My partner and I shared a ride to work earlier this week.
pinkitout616 over 7 years ago
i do tis too wen im going to school in the morning i take the bus.and wen i no me or my friend are going to the place at the same time i ask if we cud go on the same ride there.
savetheearth101 over 7 years ago
i do this everyday to go to school :)
Green Gal/Beach Bum ;) over 7 years ago
i carpool everyday to and from school with my friends
Abazzy over 7 years ago
I always walk to school!
rallyer20591 over 7 years ago
I ride my bike or walk when I don't have to go that far. My bike probably has about 15 miles on it's tires so far. when I go to school I always take the bus.
rallyer22031 over 7 years ago
I take the bus or walk to classes each day.
jayjinkies over 7 years ago
i play soft ball and i have a few friends that live in my neighborhood and we always give each other rides. when we go to the movies, we'll always find rides instead of going in a million separate cars to the same place. it also takes alot of stress of the 'rents too. we'll take turns giving each other rides.
gogreenwithenvy1678 over 7 years ago
I always carpool with friends to after school and social stuff. I usually take the bus to school, or walk.
ashleymaria over 7 years ago
I carpool with my sister. Instead of taking separate cars. And we ride the bus to school instead of driving. :3!
lovepeacedance over 7 years ago
I carpool with a friend everyday to school and to dance
woahhxohello over 7 years ago
I carpool with my boyfriend and sometimes friends to school everyday, this is a great challenge because I know way too many people who don't need to take their car to school.. or could at least take people with them.
WickedPearlz over 7 years ago
my dad drives me to school on the way to his work, so we sort of "carpool" lol, and usually after fieldtrips or soemthing i'll go home with a friend.
yahooliganfrown over 7 years ago
great! I feel the hov!
Babi K621 over 7 years ago
I encouraged my friends to ride with me to school one day. That 3 cars that didnt have to drive to school and harm our carbon supply! p.s. Do you like my picture? I got it from Check it out!
curtcurt010 over 7 years ago
I carpool or walk everyday to college and to work. Nice to know these little things are contributing to less CO2 in the air.
jknuth over 7 years ago
out of my 7 other girlfriends, only 2 of us have cars, so I never drive anywhere without at least a couple of us also needing to go somewhere. We make group store runs, and also walk to a lot of places that are close!
sillyvegetarian over 7 years ago
me and my friends always carpool to school every morning and after schoool! even when going out to the mall or anywhere!
gogreen1693 over 7 years ago
Me and my bestfriend carpool everyday!
we_luv_eco202 over 7 years ago
carpooling is fun. me n my little brother carpool with my best friend each morning and afternoon.
rallyer20754 over 7 years ago
i carpool my neighbors to school =]
comforting_cloud over 7 years ago
i live in the same neighborhood with 3 other friends. We carpool everyday to reduce our gas money and bond with each other.
peaceloverecycle97 over 7 years ago
every week day my friends mom picks me up in the morning and my mom drops them off in the afternoon because we live on the same street :)
earthlover_7789 over 7 years ago
i drive my bf to school :)
cherryblossom151515 over 7 years ago
i take the school bus to and from school every single day. and i don't go out on weekdays. i walk or ride my bike.
Dutchie2010 over 7 years ago
I take two buses and a train! XD
samanthaxjean over 7 years ago
I totally carpool everyday :)
babyxjersey over 7 years ago
my friend drives me to school with two other people.
rallyer20158 over 7 years ago
I've been walking to and from school since kindergarton! woo
rallyer20072 over 7 years ago
I drive a schoolbus to work with 21 students on board.
septemberfifteen over 7 years ago
does this include taking the bus to school everyday?
rallyer20053 over 7 years ago
this is so simple! i carpool with my friend everyday for school
Joanne093 over 7 years ago
I carpool to school every day with 3 other girls who go to my school.
mrz93brown over 7 years ago
I carpool every tues - thurs with my best friend and her sis on the way to the house along with 2 other friends.
keepthepeacex3 over 7 years ago
I take the bus almost every day to school, and after my track practice a big group of us take a bus home instead of all our parents coming to pick us up seperately.
xsarahxharrison over 7 years ago
i carpool every monday with my bff to my religion class :)
bodypeace22 over 7 years ago
I'm going to ride the bus to and from school. When I have to stay after school, I'll carpool with a friend when I go home.
yahooliganfrown over 7 years ago
I always thought buses were big and were a problem for our environment but if everybody rode the bus, life would be a whole lot cleaner and greener!
janice over 7 years ago
I ride the bus every morning to school. And I carpool with my friends afterschool three times a week.
elevi1022 over 7 years ago
i take the school bus too and from school
AshleyCB over 7 years ago
i get a ride from a friend/lightrail :)
thinkgreen over 7 years ago
i walk to school everyday of the week!
thinkgreen over 7 years ago
i walk to school everyday of the week!
rallygurl over 7 years ago
i carpool with my friend to school every single school day!
massie0520 over 7 years ago
I am in the musical at my school with my friend. Our moms switch off driving us to practice.
Savannahhhh:) over 7 years ago
I ride a bus to and from school. I don't really live in walking distance; but a lot of my friends ride the same bus as me. So, it's a lot of funn:)
bex over 7 years ago
i walk to and from school everyday. it's great to know i'm making a difference!
jellybean55 over 7 years ago
i either ride the bus, carpool or walk everyday to school, its good to know we're making a difference
alicia208 over 7 years ago
I take the bus to school twice a week...
Basketball09 over 7 years ago
Everydayy i have basketball practice or a gameee i alwayss carpool with my friends
kiraisreallykool over 7 years ago
i carpool almost everywhere with my best frien!
jannie07 over 7 years ago
My boyfriend, my sister and I started taking one car to school everyday.
rallyer18650 over 7 years ago
i feel the same way i used to have my mom drop me off at school but now i ride the school bus there i might have to run for it everyday but atleast i'm doin some good in the environment
goin_green2010 over 7 years ago
Riding the bus (if it's an option) is another good idea. I used to hate riding the bus to school, but I knew it was better for the environment so I would do it without complaint. I know people who drive to school when the have to be here early or to work right afterwards but otherwise the ride the bus. It saves gas and it's better for everyone in the long run. :)
Dangie over 7 years ago
my sister before going to skool drops me off to my skool.. that way i dont have to tell my parents to give me a ride.. that way we save gas and we use one less car.. it was awesome.
Mad-Dawg-Maddie over 7 years ago
I carpool 5 days a week, due to the distance of to and from school.
jesscah over 7 years ago
Carpooling is so much fun if you do it with your friends :D
blueberryx over 7 years ago
I'll ride the bus everyday now!
freethepeace over 7 years ago
i'm gonna carpool on my way home from track with my friend!
SunStars over 7 years ago
I walk to & from school everyday.
meswab over 7 years ago
I often take to the bus to school instead of driving, and my friends often carpool with me. This challenge was incredibly easy, considering carpooling isn't that hard to do.
greenaudreyy over 7 years ago
I carpool with 3 other people from my school. Since my school is 30 minutes away from where I live and a few people live close to me, we decided to carpool every single day. We planned out who was going to take us on certain days and who were going to pick us up. None of us were friends, but we knew it was a good thing because we were helping the planet go green ! Plus, its super fun to share stories or just look out the window.
nicoled88 over 7 years ago
My friend in I live in the suburbs, we go to the same college, so weve ALWAYS driven to class together for the past 3 years. Also, we carpool when we have work at the same times too!
nalgaz01 over 7 years ago
Everyday I drive my sister to work and my 3 best friends to school, then right after school we meet in front of locker so I could drive them back home, and we pick up my sister. It saves a lot of time for our parents and we dont waste as much gas as we would if I didn't give them rides.... =]
Mirry13 over 7 years ago
We pick my best friend Brooke up for school everyday and it saves her mom some mileage and time and we ride the bus every afternoon.
greenyteenyyy:) over 7 years ago
i ride the bus to and from school every morning yeah it suchs but it really does work and next year when i can start driving my friends and i are car pooling....and were putting as many people as possible in my friends car:) also when your friends want to go somewhere, dont meet up there...just go together that saves money and gas
xomiszlauraxo16 over 7 years ago
i ride the bus and subway to and from school every weekday.
pinknerd over 7 years ago
I ride the bus 3 days a week to my saves gas, money and time! Plus I don't have to waste my spare change on parking meters!
ThosePoggies over 7 years ago
We think we may have finally worked out the schedule for this one...We carpool three times a week and plan out weekend plans together which means we pay waaay less for daily parking and waste less free time! Hooray!
xxxxNIKKIxxxx over 7 years ago
I carpool everyday to and from school(:
eclare over 7 years ago
I take the bus every morning and carpool with at least two other people after school :)
rallyer17045 over 7 years ago
I carpool everyday to school! and after school, when my friend and I are getting done with trackk!(:
annietheactress01 over 7 years ago
I ride with 4 of my friends every day! yay! We actually started car-pooling because of the convenience, but if thats good for the enviroment, then it's obviously even better
rallyer16791 over 7 years ago
every morning a friend from down the road and her brother come and pick my neighbor and i for school! :)
rawr46738 over 7 years ago
Everyday my boyfriend picks me up from school. He lives farther out and my house is on the way. Even though I live a mile from the school, that is a lot of gas that I am saving and it decreases the amount of CO2 from the air. A little bit goes a long way!
kgitlin over 7 years ago
I pick up two girls to go to soccer practice twice a week
THSCheer11 over 7 years ago
I ride the bus to school everyday and carpool with my neighbor home from sports :)
FIGURESK8R! over 7 years ago
I car pool with my friends like everyother day! and its also great because we live right next to each other! and then we walk home from school..we only live a 1/2 a mile from the school!
justkickinit24 over 7 years ago
I carpool with my neighbor every day to school, and my mom always offers to carpool if me and my friends decide to go somewhere. I also take the bus home during offseason of sports.
bonheur309 over 7 years ago
I carpool with my sister and my two friends every day, to and from school!
Dannigurl86 over 7 years ago
I take the city bus to and from school everyday
sweetasaberi over 7 years ago
i take the schoolbus to school every day
mike5026 over 7 years ago
I will try to take the bus and walk
Gothyboi over 7 years ago
I take the bus everywhere does that count? :-P
hupke 234 over 7 years ago
this might ve hard becasue some people i know have to take the bus becasue their panents have to go to work very early in the morning and they can't get a ride but i think buses do count because you are sharing the space with other people
hupke 234 over 7 years ago
this will be good for the roads and the enviroment becasue eveyone needs to drive more safely and carpol more than once a day i have only carpoled with other like 4 or 5 times and you have to get along with them i always did becasue i am very nice sweet and very funny me and my friends love to listen to radio disney or we dring our ipods i personly don't have one so i listen to theirs
liz the AWESOME!! over 7 years ago
does taking the bus to school everyday count?
koufax over 7 years ago
hi this is hannah again, congratulations on getting your challenge accepted!
rallyer15166 over 7 years ago
Love the ride share
birdman (Carbonrally) over 7 years ago
Rallyer14709: Awesome! Please suggest some new home energy challenges and potential savings to the workshop!
rallyer14709 over 7 years ago
Now for the good part. Our electric bill. Thru conservation of energy we have reduced our homes carbon footprint by 5 KWH/Day. Last year at this month our home's Daily avg. use was 31 KW a day. Now our daily avg. use is 26 KW a day. That is a savings of 5 KW a day or 150 KW a month and our electric bill reflects the saving also in money. This is what we are doing to reduce our home's carbon foot print.
rallyer14709 over 7 years ago
My wife and I have reduced our driving by 11,000 miles a year. We just don't make useless trips anymore. We have also installed a hydrogen generator to reduce the CO2 while we are driving. We have seen that we are getting 5 miles extra per gallon and now we drive like we have a soft egg under the gas lever. We keep the tires inflated and have increased he size of the tires last week. I expect to increase the milage per gallon with the new tires. We car pool everywhere. We are always planning trips with others to the grocery stores. We are staying at home more and more. These are the results. Before the year 2008 we were filling our car 6 times a month. Now we are filling our tank only twice a month. Our car has a 20 gallon gas tank. We are saving 80 gallons a month just by reducing our driving habbits. We walk or ride bikes for local travel.
teachbike over 7 years ago
I drive to work about 3 days a mont...I cycle the rest. Lasy teay I cycled 12,300 miles and drove 9,00.
samrobertson over 7 years ago
i have been carpooling my current three highschool years. YES!
Bearfoot almost 8 years ago
HELLO. i do not drive to my place of work. i am being very eco friendly ! ~bearfoot
akhsand almost 8 years ago
i don't have a car anyway, but it's fun to have a walk
rallyer14826 almost 8 years ago
I carpool with my girlfriend on holidays and take the subway everyday
mybaby almost 8 years ago
I don't carpool to work but I do carpool grocery shopping with my future father-in-law. We have a great time together and only make 1 trip to town!
kendolla almost 8 years ago
my mom picks up her best friends children and takes them to school and she picks us up from school
koufax almost 8 years ago
I carpool on the bus everyday and I save about a few tons every month when I go to school, hopefully I can get more people to come on the bus!
Karen almost 8 years ago
Need to convince DH to do this more often! We can take the hybrid instead of his gas hog! Had already planned on doing this today. How convenient!
Ice almost 8 years ago
I can't carpool because I sleep too late. :-)
mannimspicy almost 8 years ago
I carpool with my roommates at least three times a week.
RideSearch almost 8 years ago
I love this challenge. To help with it, use to find someone to carpool.
TheRealAmericanSuiteheart almost 8 years ago
I carpool and take the city bus everyday.
Shae almost 8 years ago
I carpool with my friend everyday for school.
fatvdub almost 8 years ago
I carpool 160 round trip every day and work a 10hr. 4 day work week to cut 1 day of driving down.