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28849_pic404710 10/24/16 amwiles accepted this challenge, reducing CO2 by 1 lb so far.
28849_pic404710 09/26/16 amwiles accepted this challenge, reducing CO2 by 7 lbs so far.
28849_pic404710 08/29/16 amwiles accepted this challenge, reducing CO2 by 7 lbs so far.
28849_pic404710 07/29/16 amwiles accepted this challenge, reducing CO2 by 7 lbs so far.
28849_pic404710 06/22/16 amwiles accepted this challenge, reducing CO2 by 7 lbs so far.

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Paper Cut Featured on May 30, 2008


Are you an office printaholic? This month, make it your goal to print less. Cut paper consumption by 25%. We'll show you how.

Individual Result

Reduce your printing a little per day, or go cold-turkey for 5 days to reduce monthly CO2 by 7.6 lbs.

Rally Impact

5252 people have reduced CO2 emissions by 18.69 tons by completing this challenge so far. That's equal to turning off the electricity of 21 homes for about 1 month!

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Sometimes you just need to print something. Take me, for instance. I’m a writer. And even though I write, edit, and submit articles via computer, there are times when I feel a deep, primal need to print out something I’m writing. That paper comes out of the laser printer all warm and crisp. You can touch it. You can hold it. You can shake it at somebody or fold it into an airplane. It’s real. Sigh. I’m Andrew. And I’m a printoholic.

This Featured Challenge comes from our Challenge Workshop and was suggested by Carbon Clique. This suggestion has received a whopping 38 positive votes to date. Clearly this is an idea long overdue in becoming a Challenge! Thanks, CC! And kudos to Alex for the related suggestion of switching to recycled paper for printing.

The Carbon Connection
According to a Worldwatch Institute report, the United States consumes 30 percent of the world’s paper. Of that paper, about one third is used for writing (pads or stationery) or for printing (office/home printers and copiers). From 1980 to 2000, the consumption of this high-quality paper increased at a much greater rate than that of newsprint or cardboard. Clearly there is no such thing as a paperless office.

Manufacturing paper requires energy. That paper starts as a tree. The tree gets harvested, transported some distance to a plant to get sliced up into chips. Those wood chips are then transported to a pulp mill, which can be thousands of miles away. At the pulp mill, the wood chips are ground into pulp, which gets bleached and washed and sent to the paper mill to be made into paper. Eventually, the paper is cut into the right size sheets for your laser printer, packaged, and then shipped — again, maybe thousands of miles — to your local office store.

Why the lesson on paper production? Well, everyone needs to think about the lifecycle of the products they use. Manufactured goods are made from raw materials that take energy to acquire. Each step in the manufacturing process takes energy and so does transporting goods from the factory to stores and then to your office or home. That energy most likely comes from the burning of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere. That’s why the more paper you use, the more carbon dioxide gets produced.

Getting It Done
Need help meeting this Challenge? Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Start with trying to reduce the number of things you print or photocopy. Think twice before you hit that print button. Is there a good reason to print this? Is there a better way to print this?
  • If you are printing a document to review, edit, or make comments, make them on-screen instead. You can do this with the “Track changes” and “Insert comments” features in Microsoft Word. Speaking of Word, another way to get more words on a page (and therefore use less paper when you finally print) is to decrease your font size and change Word’s “generous” default margins so that there isn’t as much white space surrounding your text.
  • If you have to print, take charge. Tell your printer to print on both sides of the paper. Not all laser printers can do this; ink jet printers can’t do it at all. Check to see if your printer has a two-side printing (often called “Duplex”) option. If your eyes are good and you don’t mind small type, you could also try “two-up” printing where the printer prints two reduced pages on one side of a sheet. Finally, some printers have a booklet setting which prints two-up pages on both sides of the paper, effectively giving you four pages on one sheet of paper — a 75% reduction!
  • Use the print preview so you don’t get surprises or print blank pages. And only print the pages you need from a long report, not the entire report.
  • Don’t print out emails to archive if you have an option to store old emails in an electronic archive. For example, there’s software available that can turn your old email folders into HTML pages suitable for burning to a CD.
  • Reuse the paper if you can. Keep a stack of old one-sided printouts nearby for when you need to scrap paper to take notes or doodle. Once you’ve used both sides of the paper, then you can recycle it.
  • Not all paper is the same. More and more, you should be able to find inexpensive printer and copier paper that contains pulp from recycled paper, often referred to as post-consumer or recycled content. The more post-consumer fiber used in paper, the less carbon dioxide is released in the paper’s manufacture. Reducing the amount of paper you use is the best place to start. But you can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions even more by increasing your use of paper with post-consumer fiber. Start with a minimum of 30% recycled material and see how it goes.

Do you have other ways of taming your office’s paper tiger? Scribble them down on a scrap piece of paper and then share your stories with your fellow Rallyers in the Challenge Discussion section below.

Rules of the Challenge
This Challenge is aimed at our office and small business Rallyers. Typically, offices are the biggest users of paper. An average of your use with that of a student or a small family wouldn’t be meaningful. (And honestly, we currently don’t have estimates for paper usage by these other groups.) We will try to get a version of this Challenge written and published that works for our non-office members.

This Challenge asks you reduce your use of paper for printing or photocopying by 25% for one month. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Don’t print anything at all for five work days this month. Print or copy on both sides of the paper whenever you can. Decide not to print emails unless absolutely necessary. Proofread your papers on the computer and not on paper. By cutting back on your use of paper, you will reduce your CO2 emissions by 7.6 lbs for the month. This Challenge lasts for one month and is repeatable.

Learn More
Rutgers: The Paper Challenge
Greening the Workplace
Information on Recycling Paper
Go Green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Paper

See the Math
Let’s look at what we do know. Here are our known or estimated numbers and assumptions:

  • According to the Worldwatch Institute report above, the average American office worker uses 12,000 sheets of paper per year or 1000 sheets per month. A package of paper is called a ream and has 500 sheets of paper. So, the average office worker is using 2 reams of paper each month. Not all of that paper use is under your control. You can only affect your own printing and copying behavior. So we’re going to cut that number in half and assign an average paper use of 1 ream per month to everybody.
  • Not all paper is the same. More and more, paper is being sold that contains recycled paper, often referred to as post-consumer fiber. The more post-consumer fiber used in paper, the less carbon dioxide is released in the paper’s manufacture. Paper that has no post-consumer fiber (100% virgin paper) is responsible for 7.1 pounds of CO2 being released for every pound of paper produced. Paper with 33% post-consumer fiber is 6.1 pounds of CO2 released per pound of paper and 50% post-consumer fiber is 5.5 pounds. We are going to assume that you are using paper with some post-consumer fiber and go with the 6.1 pounds CO2 per pound of paper number.
  • One ream of typical multi-purpose copy paper, suitable for laser printers or copy machines, weighs very close to 5 pounds.

Now put all that together to get the following equation:

  • Therefore, each ream of copy paper used is responsible for 30.5 pounds of released CO2. Reduce your use of paper by just one quarter this month and save 7.6 pounds of CO2 (30.5 pounds of CO2 divided by 4).

Remember, recycling your office paper is good. But reducing the amount of paper you use to begin with is even better. (And yes, that does mean you can’t make a paper airplane out of any sheet that hasn’t been used on both sides.) You’ll save money, reduce carbon — and maybe even prevent a nasty papercut or two. Do Rallyers bleed green?

Discussion 85 comments so far

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jeneko over 5 years ago
I am a teacher, so there is always a lot of printing and copying going on, but I try to instead use my class monitor or whiteboard as often as possible instead of making everything handouts Also, slideshow instead of flashcards :)
TheStand about 6 years ago
I have about 2 reams (by now) of scrap paper from single sided printing that I have held on to over the course of the last year at my office. After a year of using this scrap paper for miscellaneous notes, etc., I still have the same yellow note pad and post-its as when I started.
CerridwynEldritch over 6 years ago
I'm up for this - I am constantly finding ways to cut my paper use. Need to jot a quick note? Instead of grabbing a new post-it the way my coworkers do (or extra register tape), I try to use the back of the schedule, the margins of newspaper, almost completely used post-its, random paper "garbage", even the plastic bag "throwaways" (you know, the thick piece of plastic that holds the bags together that is leftover when the bags are used up?) One time I ended up writing on my fingernails just to avoid getting a piece paper (boy, did the customer look weird at me.) I try to avoid printing up anything at home as well, just save everything to disk instead. I prefer it when I'm able to mail in or electronically drop-box my homework rather than having to print it out and bring it in... though I prefer it even more when my "homework" consists of online discussions with only one or two tests being the total use of paper. I only use single side printing when it's something that must look professional... Too bad trying to save trees by double side printing or printing on used paper is not considered professional. So, in the end, the largest amount of paper I use consists of bathroom tissue and the occasional Kleenex. Bless me! :D
Perry over 6 years ago
another thing that could be done is to use fonts that are not as ink intensive such as garamond.
Punkpoemprose over 6 years ago
^_^ I can do this... Less printing out pictures of Ville Valo More Recycling!
serenadalton over 6 years ago
I started teaching last semeter, and printed out everything for the students. Not only did I find this time consuming, but it seemed like I was fighting the copier everytime I used it. Since I work for a college that had just went through an upgrade in the library on its computers, I got the IT department to give me those "old" computers to put in my classroom (Internet blocked unless I provide a password). Now, no printing of the daily lectures. I make them save it on a jump drive for them to take wherever they want. The students actually like it better this way.
raffa almost 7 years ago
How is the 6:1 ratio (kgs of CO2: kgs of office paper produced) calculated? My department is moving electronic pay slips saving about 208 reams of 100gsm paper a year (650 kgs). I want to publicize this in terms of CO2 saved and need to be able to justify the 6:1 ratio if challenged.
Miss SEAMS almost 7 years ago
I save to my Bookmark folder constantly. We recycle every single piece of paper in our workroom including pattern paper scrap.
Twinkle about 7 years ago
i always print on both sides of the page and if i can i don't print and save things electronicly. some of teachers even make us turn our work on the computer!
thom about 7 years ago
output devices have options to turn off the "banner page" and cut down on the extra junk that spits out. also- newer multifunctioning copiers are almost all energystar compliant now... so save a bundle of money and migrate higher cost prints from your printer to your lower cost copiers... AND set the energy saver mode to minimize energy consumption (kind of like a digital thermostat... it can sleep when you do)
tnix over 7 years ago
I already help by whenever I have to print something and that extra sheet comes out, you know the one with all the extra junk on it you don't need, I put it in a pile. As long as it doesn't have sensitive information on it it goes to the paper slicer where I chop them into fourths. They make great little note stacks. They don't have sticky sides, but you can use a paper clip to attach it to something if you need to. The office staff thinks I'm crazy, but the older employees say they remember when they used to do the same before sales people used to call on us bringing free sticky pads. Well, those are a thing of the past now, too. Things are getting tight all over. It's not just saving money, I tell them, it's saving the earth.
miggsy over 7 years ago
My name is Miggsy and I'm a paperaholic....But from this day forward I will only print when absolutely necessary, and if I print a deck, I'll print multiple slides per page. Promise!`
Mono over 7 years ago
I always print on both sides of the printer paper even though I own an inkjet printer, except when it's something I have to turn in as a school report. And, if there's any blank spaces left, I use it to make my lists. Plus, since printer ink is not very easily available in the small town where I live, we have printing to a minimum anyway!
StudioTENhasgreenmania over 7 years ago
I sort of made my own notebook - using the backside of paper left on the printer on a clip board...haven't had a legit notebook in more than a year!
Greeny92101 over 7 years ago
We reduced paper consumption by 6 - 8 cases per month by eliminate colored, printed scripts.
translady over 7 years ago
I put a big sign on our office copier - THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT. I am encouraging the staff to print two sided copies and to think before they push the start button
ulissesg over 7 years ago
Just changed the setting of my printer to 2 pages per sheet. But I can't change it to print on both sides. Will save pages and use them as scrap.
ecochick over 7 years ago
this is a simple and efftic way to reduce carbon
Dancer over 7 years ago
There is also a new ecofont that you can download its featured in oprah magazine and it uses 20% less ink by putting little holes in te letters, just search for ecofont on google.
red1996 over 7 years ago
this is a peice of cake!!! mmmm that aounds good
kgf over 7 years ago
At work I don't have a printer at my desk or in my office suite, but around the corner. I typically go three months or more without printing a single page. My email signature has been slimmed down to one line so that if people do print my message, they aren't wasting paper or ink on it. However, I couldn't pass up putting my own spin on it telling everyone "I'm papyrphobic". It gets the point across and others are following along too. At home, my family of five has had a AIO printer over two years now and we've only printed out 862 pages. That is ~7page/mo per person for everything (recipes, homework, coupons, research, the occasional oops, printer alignment pages, etc). I love this challenge. It is so easy.
rallygreengirl over 7 years ago
im already on. i dont print much.
rallyoftheyear2011 over 7 years ago
This is awesome :) i love this site, become my FRIEND!
musicislove30 over 7 years ago
i love the idea of using paper thats been used as note paper. i always need to write something down before i forget it and by using the other side of paper not only save money from buying sticky notes but i help the enviorment.
Pinkgabbercat over 7 years ago
Instead of printing or using paper to draw. I will e-mail or use my art programs on the computer to draw or do schoolwork. Most of my paper use is sued for sketches that I just end up recycling anyway.
JR Rallyer over 7 years ago
iHearMyECHO over 7 years ago
Agh! This really is a challenge for me! At school, I have to print outlooks and lesson plans every week and some of our teachers won't ever let us print on both sides! But I will try my best!
Hibiscus over 7 years ago
I'm not going to print anything for a week! I also use both sides of the paper and the backs of old worksheets to print, anyways.
Mirry13 over 7 years ago
I accepted this one mainly for my mom. She works in an office and they use ALOT of paper for invoices and things like that. So if they have alot of scraps and stuff they send them to me since I like to draw alot or they make little note pads and things like that.
CaliforniaGreenin almost 8 years ago
I work with kindergardeners and we use up a lot of paper for crafts and the classroom "writing center." A few of the teachers and aides will save all the scraps to be reused for tear art during the year (instead of tearing up perfectly good pieces of construction paper). I also make my own note pads by saving all memos, tearing them into fours, then stapeling them together, with the blank side up. I never have to buy a new notepad... ever. We have even cut down on the paper used for school-wide memos by utilizing the staff room white board and by posting one copy of something (like the previous week's meeting minutes or upcomming seminars) instead of making copies for every single person.
Kaitlin almost 8 years ago
i save information to a usb drive so i dont have to print it off!
ShermCraig almost 8 years ago
I've actually begun printing on both sides of a sheet of paper that I am using for reference and sometimes print 2 pages per side. This alone cuts the paper useage to 25% of what it would have been before (4 pages printed on 1). If you are not printing on front and back, it is easy to do it even if your printer doesn't have the capability built in - without fear of printing out of order. Here's how. If you are printing for example a 10 page document, first go to the print settings/properties. Within the box that pops up, you can choose to print either "even number pages" or "odd number pages". Simply select "odd number pages", and then put those back in to your printer (with the printed side down this time), and then do the exact same thing, but this time choose to print the "even number pages". Now you have saved half the paper, and made the document that much easier to carry around and read! You may want to expirement before trying it on a huge important docuement just to see how to put the printed paper back in, or if you are not clear on how to do this, email me at!
rallyer5983 almost 8 years ago
I hate clutter on my desk so this one should be fairly easy for me. Most things come by email so I have stopped printing 95% of the emails and just file them away on my computer. We also set up a website for one of our committees that was notorious for copying everything...this way, they can just go to the "in-house" site and see the docs rather than having to make multiple copies for everyone.
agent47 almost 8 years ago
I clean businesses that use and waste so much paper and it amazes me how much people waste. Oh by the way i rule!!!
greatnews about 8 years ago
This is a tough challenge for me but one I really want to meet. My immediate response was to want to print out the information about the challenge with all of the tips. I resisted. :-) I can read it online anytime I want! I find that most of the things I print are available electronically so I don't really need to print them. I have a friend that used a signature line on her emails that I really like. It says "Please consider the environment before printing this email." I'm going to add that to my email signature.
t_renker_48239 about 8 years ago
I have stopped printing tickets/emails from all clients and fellow employees.
circlethreee about 8 years ago
I started typing the names,companies & whatnot of the people I'm trans- ferring in notepad, then erasing it after i;m done w/the info, instead of what i would normally do: scribble onto a pc. of paper on my desk
birdman (Carbonrally) about 8 years ago
Crow: Please get a team going with these guys!
Crow Shinigami about 8 years ago
At work we use so much paper it's pathetic! Everyone at Regal Entertainment Group is always saying, "Go Green!" in their e-mails, and yet no one is doing it because they print everything out and throw it away when they don't need it. Last week I got a bin for us to put paper in and I began taking it down to a recycling center near my house. I also don't print things out needlessly. I'm going to have the other managers actually going green in no time.
seaturtlez7 over 8 years ago
I read the printer tipes and thought: This is great! I'll print out a copy for my mom!" But I didn't. I'm getting better!
KlumZie over 8 years ago
I would print everyday of stuff I actually didn't need. That I would throw away the next day. So now that I told my mom that we should sell our printer and disconnect it. I've stopped so far! (:
kelley74ny_07024 over 8 years ago
I use a Mac, and I have the option on the print page of saving a document in pdf form instead of printing. I can do this when I need to save an online receipt or confirmation, and then delete the file later when I don't need it any more.
Live4Life over 8 years ago
In my office, everyone is very "printer-contious" meaning everyone watches how much we print. In the computer industry, it is hard at times but we know it helps the environment and it helps us save money-win, win!!!
gwynnes over 8 years ago
I didn't think I could make it through 28 days of this challenge but I did! I'm embarrassed, though, at how much unnecessary printing I did previously. One thing I've started doing is making a screen print of receipts that I often printed out to document monetary transactions. By pasting the screenprint in a document and saving it, I can always go back to it for verification and I can email it to Accounting without it ever having to be printed out. ALSO I LOVE K8te Lynn's tag at the bottom of her email signature. I'm going to add it to mine today! Great idea.
k8e lynne over 8 years ago
I have added the following to my email signature: Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
siimply_kt over 8 years ago
This challenge is an awsome one. Unfortunatley when school starts back up this challenge is going to be super difficult. One of my old teachers had us print almost everything we did to "see our progress." I can see my progress without printing!
Hal0_V over 8 years ago
I have some awesome professors that let me e-mail my assignments to them. That takes my printing to almost nothing. :D
Green_Home_Guru over 8 years ago
I used to be terrible about printing out reams of articles to read while I was traveling for business( I began to get sick of printing out all the articles, reports, etc... and then throw them away after a read. A month ago, I began to save articles onto my flash drive and read them on my computer. What a break for everything in the process. Less paper, less luggage, less garbage.
sinner over 8 years ago
I work in a shop and have to photo copy work sheets every day, to cut down I can make copys for thhe month.
k00kykelly over 8 years ago
Check out Green Print This software lets you preview what you print and cut out what you don't want. Need to print your boarding pass, but don't need all the rules and regulations the airlines include? Use Green Print to get rid of the extra stuff. It also lets you print to PDF. Which saves paper and makes receipts easier to find. Best of all the software is free for home use.
Cougar over 8 years ago
I can't accept this challenge It took me 8 years to use a ream of paper! When I worked in an office I printed maybe once a month and tried to get people to print less to no avail. Attempts to make people use puters for document managment and avoid printing to minimize paper was near impossible. And getting people to print 600 page reports to files and view on a second monitor was met with mass resisitance! I use one notebook a year for college. I submit all my work on PC. I use spiral bound notebooks for everything and I use both sides of a sheet of paper until I just can't fit anything on it.
Be Well over 8 years ago
I LOVE this challenge! I am a NON-Printholic. Here are the things I do to help reduce our paper output in my office: *First, print on both sides of the page if at all possible. Better yet, for those loooong Pdf documents, print in booklet mode and reduce paperx4. *Email info as much as possible rather than faxing or snail mailing. *If you have an old time fax like me and can only fax from one side of the paper, print faxes on the back of something else...a previous fax for instance, or how about those completely wasted sheets that come out confirming your fax went through. Flip it over and print it on the back! *Any paper that does not have to go out to a client or w/b used only once, for a fax, goes back in a pile near my printer and I use it to print out other one-use papers. *If you send faxes to the same people over and over, Make up a generic fax cover page (on the back of something else of coures) with their name and fax#, leave the date, number of pages and info section blank. Hand write in that info in pencil and save the fax cover page. Erase and re-write the next time you need to send them something. *For info that simply MUST be sent via snail mail, always print double sided when possible. I also made a word document w/ a small note basically requesting clients to provide us w/ email in order to cut costs and save the planet. Four of these notes w/ fit on one page. I cut out the strips and staple one to the top of every snail mail that goes out. Slowly but surely I'm gathering more emails! *Any paper used in the office for any reason gets shredded. All those beautiful shreds go right into the recycling bin to become more wonderful paper!
jules over 8 years ago
I work in a chiropractic office and to keep patients straight, who is in which room, we have used routing slips that we either pay someone to print out, or we print out ourselves. This was always such a waste in my eyes because no on ever used these routing slips to communicate with the Dr. like they were wanted to. With an idea from our exam Doc, we switched from pieces of paper and clip boards, to little 5 x 7 dry erase boards. No more wasted paper, no more wasted ink, and much less energy output from our printer or someone else's!
LuciaGdeLopez over 8 years ago
this is easy to do considering my lap top is not on the network!
anna_dawn_grady_28655 over 8 years ago
OK, this one will be a bit harder for me. I already don't print very much anyway, but am guilty of printing things soemtimes I know I wont keep for the convenience of reading it offline on paper instead of on a screen. So this one will have some results Im sure.
Rachael! over 8 years ago
when we're back in school, i will most definitely share this with my teachers and i'm sharing it with my friends now!
tragon4wd over 8 years ago
I asked my fellow teachers to send over any unused worksheets, student papers, etc. at the end of this school year. I sorted papers by whether they were already two sided or only one-sided. I gained 45 reams of paper that I will copy onto the blank side (8th graders don't care about the backs) and 18 reams of waste paper to be recycled. I will ask for this type of paper throughout this coming school year as well as reduce my own copying load.
CRJ Girl over 8 years ago
Hah, I've barely been printing since day 1 XD This should be a piece of cake :)
cin_mlw over 8 years ago
I don't print much as it is, so I will try cold-turkey for the rest of June and see how I can extend it.
recycle_nut_97844 over 8 years ago
when i do print things now ist on both sides of the paper it helps you keep things in order and helps me from losing one paper and saves TONS of paper.
bruster96067_95472 over 8 years ago
light says that he composts his kitchen scraps and its easy and great for the garden not to mention the earth
gwynnes over 8 years ago
I think 2-sided printing whenever possible and proofing on the computer thoroughly will have the biggest impact for me at the office. One other thing I can do (won't cut 25% but it will help) is to count EXACTLY how many copies I need of things I print out in bulk. For example, we have about 200 stores that I send things to regularly. Instead of printing 205 of everything and having some left over, I'll count the exact number of existing stores needing the materials and print out the exact amount I need. Leftovers like this are always waste. Yikes! This is a real challenge for me!
justdoit_now over 8 years ago
Instead of printing sales receipts, forms, invoices, etc. I print them to a PDF file. It makes keeping organized much easier for tax purposes as well as saves tons of paper while keeping the original formatting! If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can use PrimoPDF, a FREE to use/download software for Printing To PDF: For more advanced use, I recommend and use a software called "Fineprint" to save even more paper:
ghpotter6_11762 over 8 years ago
when i print things like essays for school, i make the margins as small as i can and decrease the font size so i can fit twice as many words on one page.
LoverGirl over 8 years ago
I live in a family of seven people four of us use the computer and only three of us print things out. I am the youngest person that prints things out and I do it alot. I print things like pictures and home work and every once in a while song lyrics. The thing is my family only uses about three reams of paper a year and not all of it is used to print. WE have three little kids that like to draw and sometimes we use the copy paper to write important things down so we dont have to print.
MaggieE over 8 years ago
My favorite printing trick is to change the print quality to "Fast Draft." Not only does it save ink, it saves me money and less trash goes into the the landfills.
arjita.chawla over 8 years ago
My office has a way to differentiate employee prints.I mean Whenever an employee shoots a print along with his documents the printer prints an additional sheet with his/her name on it (since the printer is in a network).Though its a good way for identification of whose print it was ,I really want to propose something that would eliminate using this sheet.Any suggestions appreciated.
birdman (Carbonrally) over 8 years ago
I've learned how to email things directly to my mobile phone. Now, rather than printing directions and shopping lists, I just read them on my phone when I am away from my computer. Many phones support basic email. Give it a try.
soccer star over 8 years ago
I print so much for school and our printer is constantly going through paper. Its time for a change
MicheleeeMarieex33 over 8 years ago
today i took a packet with the summer reading books and descriptions (29 pages) and put it down to one page front and back i made the margins wider and shrunk the font and it is still readable and i saved 28 sheets of paper
Wait, what? over 8 years ago
My school has recycle bins in every single room there is. There's also plastic recycling tubs and aluminum can ones. pha.
Pumpkin over 8 years ago
I work for a law firm and we use ALOT of paper. I've been recycling for years, using 2-sided printing and wider margins, etc. - but I am the exception at the firm. The company started an Environmental Working Group last year to make our employees more aware of many environmentally positive steps we can all take - it's slow going but we have made progress.
iwantchange over 8 years ago
My moms office gets a box of paper with 10 reams in it and they go through that in a week tops, it is a welfare department but still. I think if the people who need welfare tried to better their lives than just using it to help them there would be less paper usage. This challenge is easy for me because I hardly print things out because I like writing more. At my school the teachers are limited as to the amount they can use but still it's pointless because half of the students don't use what they print out. Hopefully something good will help change that.
purpleheartgirl over 8 years ago
At my school, we have recycling bins in every classroom, and a special paper dumpster used just for paper recycling. However, we don't recycle anything else, but we're working on it!
3rdof3_95051 over 8 years ago
My school doesn't send report cards home anymore, now they're only online and are e-mailed to parents. Since there are 1,600 students, that's a pretty big reduction. We have recycling bins in every classroom. We're still working on being eco-friendly though. We don't have solar panels yet...
Administrator over 8 years ago
Hi All: Please keep in mind that this challenge is targeting people who currently do a lot of printing. Like all challenges in Carbonrally, accepting it means that you are making a real change in your behavior to reduce your CO2 emissions. If you don't print too much, this challenge probably isn't right for you... instead, go find a printaholic, and convince them to take this challenge! thx.
Katii over 8 years ago
I Rarely print anyways. this challenge is easy for me. i print about 5 sheets a month tops. :]
jordol over 8 years ago
At school our teacher hands a few pieces of lined paper everyday to take different sets of notes on and we never even fill the whole page before we get a new one the next day! I am going to start turning down the offer for the new piece and finish off what i have left on the page from the day before!
nghinguyen over 8 years ago
i worked in a lab and we are printing protocols and graphs to post in our notebooks everyday which isn't a good way of saving our trees. This is one good challenge for me. Hopefully I can reduce the amount of prints for the next month.
earth_fairy over 8 years ago
Students and office workers who usually take notes on a spiral notebook can save time & paper by using Microsoft OneNote - a program specifically designed for note-taking. It's typically included if you have Microsoft Office on your PC but most people overlook it as it's a fairly new product.
emiliadawl over 8 years ago
Our school recently had an assembly on our carbon footprint and how we can reduce it, and I was shocked at the amount of paper we use each year. Between photo-copying hand outs and printing off assignments, any school's carbon footprint is pretty huge. Now we have recycling bins for paper in every classroom and we have contests to see who can recycle the most paper each month. Teachers have also started sending out what our assignments will be instead of printing us each off a copy. This challenge is great and we could really do some damage on the Earth-in a good way!-if we take this on.
LinzaMarie over 8 years ago
I've begun saving old paper and re-printing on the other side. I'm taking internet classes for college and I print all of my documents on BOTH sides of the paper, and I don't even print at all if I don't have to! I've bought a jump-drive so I can go from computer to computer and I have all my information right there!
Powder Princess over 8 years ago
Thank you for taking my challenge! Enjoy saving trees!
kiwi over 8 years ago
Students can save paper by asking their teachers/professors to accept electronic copies of their work instead of hard copies. I saved at least a ream of paper doing that last school year.
outsol over 8 years ago
I've been using two screens to work. Although I use a little more electricity I find that I print approximately 40% less over previous months. Comparing documents is much easier also because my eyes aren't going up/down all day. Try it! Make sure your monitors are matched (Resolution and close to the same size)and are Energy Star compliant.